The college
The Faculty Einstein, was accredited at the Ministry of Education of Brazil through Decree No. 6 of 7 January 2008, published in the Federal Official Gazette on 08/01/2008, authorizing the work the course of Directors.
Institution pioneer in offering multidisciplinary Postgraduate courses and present in more than ten Brazilian states offering more than 20 types of courses, Postgraduate and Extension, example: MBA in Strategic Management; MBA in Human Resources Management; MBA in Logistics; Postgraduate Diploma in Acupuncture; Postgraduate Studies in Criminal Sciences; Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management, among others, aimed at promoting the socio-economic development of the locations where they are installed.
Our mission
Mission statement: To promote the metropolitan region of Salvador, Bahia perhaps, a teaching Graduate, Graduate and related activities through a Pedagogical Political Project which contemplates addition to training, interdisciplinary knowledge, the practice of research, interpersonal relations, ethics and integration of theory and practice, entrepreneurship and an integral vision of being.
Our vision
Becoming a University Center, recognized by the metropolitan area of ​​Salvador, for excellence in their projects, disseminating knowledge, preserving the ethnic-cultural and environmental characteristics interacting with the community and with its professional staff.
Certificate of Status.
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