Rector/ President in Brazil
Prof. Dr. José Augusto Maciel Torres             
- Degree in Theology, Philosophy and Psychology;
- Doctor (Ph.D.) in Psychology and Philosophy from Cambridge International University (England);
- Honorary Doctor of Science (University of Sri Lanka) and in traditional Chinese medicine for the Cambridge International University (England) and Universidad de Los Pueblos of Europe (Malaga, Spain);
- PhD in Sciences of Religions (Universite Libre des Sciences de L'Homme de Paris - France);
- Author of several works (books and magazines) related to Orientalism and Martial Arts;
- College professor;
- Erich Fromm Chancellor of World University (USA);
- Former Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Technology - FACET - (2002/2004);
- Former Coordinator of Faculty Two July (2000/2002);
- Former Academic Director of the School Support (2004/2005);
- Former Academic Director of the School São Tomaz Aquinas (2006/2007);
- It was the Graduate Coordinator FACET - Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, College of San Salvador and the University Gama Filho;
- Founder of the Center for Graduate School Cayru Viscount (CEPPEV), where he served as Coordinator of Graduate courses and Extension Radialismo (Radio & TV);
- Creator and Coordinator of Vocational Training courses Radialismo (Radio & TV), 1992/2010, having trained the majority of professionals working in radio and TV stations of the States of Bahia and Sergipe;
- Creator and Coordinator of Instruction Program for Provisioned (PIP), in Salvador (Bahia), held in extension level, in partnership with CREF-13, not intended for graduates in Physical Education;
- Supervisor and Lecturer in several courses related to Martial Arts and Orientalism in Extension levels in the Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Education UFBA (1990/1992).
Prof. Dr. José Vicente Cardoso Santos
With an eclectic training in the area of ​​Education, Prof. Dr. José Vicente Cardoso Santos is:
- Degree in Physics (UFBA - Federal University of Bahia);
- Postgraduate degree in Solid State Physics;
- Worked as a Systems Analyst (Petrobras, Clemente Mariani Foundation Getulio Vargas, etc ...);
- Postgraduate in Internal Audit (UNEB - University of the State of Bahia, UCSAL - Catholic University of Salvador and Audibra - Association of Auditors of Brazil);
- Postgraduate degree in Psychology (UNC - Contemporary University);
- Master in Business Administration and International Trade (CESEC / UNEX - University of Extremadura);
- Master in Education (UFBA - Federal University of Bahia);
- Doctor Honoris Causa to the Chancellery of the Order of Merit for South America (Open International University for Complementary Medicines - UNIMEC) and
- PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering (UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina).
Has over 20 years of experience in higher education in the state of Bahia, having worked in various higher education institutions as a teacher, counselor, researcher and / or coordinator in various undergraduate courses, quote:
- Full Degree Chemistry - UNEB (elected unanimously by his peers);
- Full Degree Industrial Design - UNEB (elected by their peers);
- Full Degree Nutrition - UNEB (elected by their peers);
- Full Degree Electricity - UNEB (elected unanimously by his peers);
- Full Degree Administration - UNEB (elected by their peers);
- Production Engineering: UNIBAHIA - Bahia Unit Research Education and Extension, Administration with specialization in Business Management;
- FDJ - Two School July / Foundation Second of July, Administration with specialization in Foreign Trade - FDJ-School Two July / Foundation Second of July, etc ..).
He has lectured in various disciplines of undergraduate, graduate and / or the like (quote: System Analysis, Solid State Physics, Systems Auditing, Mathematics, Informatics (2nd and 3rd degree), IA Calculus, Chemistry, General and Experimental Physics III, Evolution of Physics, Basic Mathematics II, Algebra I, General and Experimental Physics IV, Calculus II, Introduction to Computer Science, Thermodynamics, Calculus IV, Statistics II, Numerical Calculus I, I Education Psychology , Methodology of Scientific Research, General Administration, Languages ​​and Programming Technique II, Languages ​​and Technical Programming III Programming Techniques, General and Experimental Physics, Introduction to Computers, Computer Graphic, Logic Programming, Computer Architecture, Digital Systems, languages ​​Commercial applications (COBOL), Special Topics in Computer Science I, Special Topics in Computer Science II, Special Topics in Computer Science IV, Economic Analysis and Equipment Performance, Programming Languages ​​III, Systems Theory, CPD Management (Processing Center data), Operating Systems, Information Systems Management, Support Systems Decision, etc.).
Respectively, in ascending chronological order and belonging to various institutions of higher education. You cite just a few examples: UFBA - Federal University of Bahia, UNEB - University of Bahia, UCSAL - Catholic University of Salvador, FRB - Faculty Ruy Barbosa, UNIBAHIA - Bahia Unit Education and Research, FVC - Viscount Foundation Cairu, FIB - Integrated Colleges of Bahia, POLIFUCS, FDJ - Faculty Second of July, CEFET-BA - Federal Center of Technological Education of Bahia, FANESE - Faculty of Administration and Business Sergipe, CEFET Himself - Federal Center of Technological Education Sergipe, FJAV - Faculty José Augusto Vieira, Faculty Isaac Newton, as well as acting as a consultant in the area.

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