Department of Graduate Studies in Psychoanalysis - Graduate Course


The Federal Board of Education in 1965, approved and implemented the system of post-graduate courses in higher education, divided them into sensu broad and strict sense. The broad sense are specialized courses targeted at the professional development and updating of knowledge of the graduates. Features minimum workload of 360 hours class and can be specialization, improvement and courses designated as MBA (Master in Business Administration). The strict sense are masters courses, professional master's, doctoral and post-doctoral.


Current Graduate courses are regulated by Resolution CNE / CNS 1/2007, published in the Federal Official Gazette on 08/06/2007, which the FACEI - Einstein College - fulfills its prerogatives.


The Department of Graduate School of Psychoanalysis Einstein was created to develop and deepen knowledge in clinical and psychoanalytic research, coordinated by Dr. Araceli Albino and Salésio Placido Pereira.


Graduate Psychoanalysis - Specialization / sensu


The proposal is to offer specialized courses in psychoanalysis to improve training, training in the performance of the work with competence and ethics. The specialization courses in psychoanalysis are directed to higher-level professionals as legal prerogatives, and acting in the areas of Human and Health Sciences.



Understand and solve the emotional pain.

Psychoanalysis is constituted by a particular theory of the unconscious, of an investigative method (Free Association) and techniques that allow to analyze the unconscious representations, establish sufficiently strong ties transference to break the resistances that act as psychic defense.

The formation of the psychoanalyst is free, follows the tripod of knowledge: theoretical, personal analysis and supervision.

For the creator of the psyche consists in early childhood (up to eight), where the establishment is faced with the universe of symbolic representations and unpleasant experiences or unbearable, are disconnected from the primary representations and affection that bind, creating thus a psychic division (CS, Pre and ICS) as a defense against pain.

Freud's ideas have revolutionized the design of the suffering of the man of the twentieth century, the vision and the strong taboos about sexuality (constituent data of neurosis).

Psychoanalysis has established itself as an autonomous science, helping men to understand themselves and to get rid of the symptoms that affect. Today, psychoanalysis has been expanding its dialogue with other sciences, such as medicine, psychology, philosophy, anthropology and recently with the neurosciences, in order to contribute with knowledge and human development.



. Dr. Araceli Albino - Sao Paulo

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