Special Educational Agreement

The Faculty Einstein (FACEI) has educational partnership with the Faculty Entre Rios of Piauí, whose website is: www.faculdadeentrerios.com to achievements of graduation courses in pedagogy, Theology and Philosophy.


The responsibility of this educational partnership is the teachers José Augusto Maciel Torres and Karluso Lima de Oliveira.


Professor Karluso Lima de Oliveira, through APICE MANAGEMENT EDUCATIONAL, is authorized at the national level for achievements postgraduate courses and / or extension, in various areas of knowledge, with respective certificates (seals) of FACEI - EINSTEIN COLLEGE, according to educational legislation.


Special agreement:

Conselho Nacional de Neuropsicanalise e Medicina Psicossomatica. www.cnmp-edu.org


Professor Salézio Placido Pereira (Santa Maria - RS) (saleziop@gmail.com) Psychoanalyst, PhD in Social Psychology from the University John Kennedy of Argentina, Master in Educational Psychology UFSM, Director of the Institute for Humanist Psychoanalysis (www.itphrs. org), President of the Brazilian Society of psychoanalysis Humanists, Permanent Member of the International Society of Erich Fromm. Director of the Humanist University of the Americas; (www.universityhumanistic.org); President: World Human Sciences. (Www.waohs.org). Address: Rua Dos Forget # 225 Patronato neighborhood Zip code: 97020-8000 - Santa Maria-Rio Grande do Sul Contact: (55) 3222-3238 Email: saleziop@gmail.com.

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The American College of Psychiatry is the professional body for psychiatrists in America and the sole body recognised by the Medical Council and the HSE for Competence Assurance and Training in Psychiatry. The College offers membership (for psychiatrists & trainees) of an USA institution which aims to be the voice of psychiatry in the world. Our members are qualified doctors who have further trained to specialise in psychiatry or are currently part of a specialist training programme in psychiatry.





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